The Liszt Academy announces the Jámbor Prize


The Jámbor Prize

imageThe descendants and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music have established an annual scholarship in memory of the late students of the institution, Olga Jámbor Riesz, Böske Jámbor and Ági Jámbor. The award is open to applications from all graduating students (BA, MA and TMA) of the Liszt Academy.

The scholarship is awarded annually to one person by a jury consisting of the president and two professors of the institution, as requested by the relatives, Róbert Schiller, Mariann Schiller and Erzsébet Schiller, funders of the scholarship.

The prize is awarded primarily, but not exclusively, for outstanding interpretation of Bach’s work, excellence as a music teacher or for an outstanding concert or performance during the academic year.

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Olga Jámbor Riesz (1879–1956) was the founder and director of one of the first music schools in Budapest.

Escaping Extermination

Olga Jámbor Riesz's eldest daughter Böske Jámbor (1904–1964) was a violin teacher and member of the Opera House.

Escaping Extermination

Her younger daughter Ági Jámbor (1909–1997) was a pianist and professor at Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania, USA).

All were students at the Liszt Academy of Music, and the Jámbor Prize is in their memory.


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