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Keyboard Sonatas by Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch, Edited by Agi Jambor


Agi Jambor

Extract from the preface:

Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch, who lived from 1696 to 1765, is a composer who remained undiscovered for several reasons. One, I think, was that he had a dilficult, unbending character, which was probably guided by strong convictions and a paranoiac tendency. Furthermore, his style of writing was so progressive that it may have aroused controversial reactions among his contemporaries. He was searching for new harmonies, strange modulations, lyricism and pathos, and application of German, French and italian musical styles. His courageous experimentation put him far ahead of his time.

Agi Jambor, October 4, 1963

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Preface 1

Preface 2


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