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Agi's Memoir

The Memoir

Excerpts from Agi Jambor's memoir are available to read now online, the full memoir is now available Full details here.
Agi's Life

Agi Jambor's Life

Read 'Who was Agi Jambor?' by Marcus Ferrar and 'The Agi Jambor I Knew' by Frances Pinter. View the photo gallery.
Agi's Music

Agi Jambor's Music

Listen to recordings of Agi Jambor playing and hear her fist concert performed at Carnegie Hall in 1949.

A memorial concert to celebrate the life of Agi Jambor was held on 13 October 2019 in Budapest full details here
You can listen to the concert to celebrate her life here
Welcome to the website that celebrates the life of Agi Jambor,
Hungarian musician extraordinaire, a survivor, teacher and a fearless woman.
This website will grow and expand as more is added. If you’d like to contribute material do please make contact.
Reading Agi’s memoir was an extraordinary experience for me and is now published by Purdue University Press
The memoir Escaping Extermination is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.
In addition please enjoy some of Agi Jambor's music.

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