About Agi Jambor

Agi Jambor's Life

Agi Jambor was born in Budapest Hungary in 1909 and died in Baltimore MD USA just a day short of her 88th birthday in 1997. If she’d been a cat she might with some justification have said she’d lived nine lives throughout her eventful life.

Two short essays introduce her. The journalist Marcus Ferrar asks Who was Agi Jambor? And Frances Pinter writes The Agi Jambor I Knew which is a short piece that sets some context and takes the reader on through to the end of Agi’s life in the late 1990s.

We also have extracts from the memoir including the Foreword and the Introduction. The full Agi Jambor memoir will be avaialble in 2020. If you’d like further information once there is a publication date please make contact.

You can enjoy some of Agi's music recordings here.

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